Fleet Companies
Commercial fleet managers can use the individual SCANNECTTM QR Code marking on the tire to improve tire management for a more efficient tracking of inventory, creating big saving possibilities for logistics companies. Linking tire data directly to the tire, the vehicle or even the driver can monitor tire performance more effectively and taking appropriate measures.

Tire management and tire maintenance are improved by using SCANNECT
TM QR Codes. Tires are identified by a sole scan of the QR Code, no manual work is required. The profile depth or the tire pressure can be linked to this QR Code, historical data may be accessed and the next maintenance scheduled. Furthermore, the individual identification makes ordering the right new tires easier.

Tire information can also be integrated into the online fleet management which provides Fleet Managers with a broader overview of vehicle information and potential cost drivers. Having it all in one hand reduces time for tire and fleet park management.

TM QR Codes with an individual identification also prevent theft as tires can clearly be identified and traced back to their origins.

In short, Fleet Companies can benefit from SCANNECT
TM QR Codes in the following way:
- 100 % control of tire inventory
- Integration in Online Fleet Management System
- QR Code enables traceability of tires for maintenance, tire change
- Theft prevention
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