OE Car Plant
SCANNECTTM QR Codes open up a big field of opportunities for the Automotive Industry. First of all, they can assure that a highly safety-relevant part of the car is individually marked (which until now seemed impossible). This allows tracing the tire all the way back to its manufacturing place and assuring quality standards throughout the whole production process. Today´s manual tracing procedures that in many cases are safety relevant and/ or subject to legal requirements can be substituted by efficient and error-free scanning processes.
On the other hand, OE car plants can optimize wheel logistics by being able to read the information in the SCANNECTTM QR Code inline with the automatic SCANNECTTM Reading Bar. This allows matching each wheel individually with each car.

In short, OE Car plants obtain the following benefits through SCANNECT
- 100 % traceability in case of recall of tires
- Different tire manufacturers can provide individual tire data
- Optimization of wheel logistics
- Traceability of tires / wheels even after assembly on the car

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