Tire Manufacturers
As the first participant in the life-cycle of a tire, the tire manufacturer applies the SCANNECTTM QR Codes on the vulcanized tire. Individualized QR Codes are engraved with the process-proven 4JET Laser Engraving System. By structuring the surface of the black QR Code modules, light reflections are being reduced. This creates a perfect readability of the SCANNECTTM Codes with industrial ID Readers as well as modern Smartphone cameras.

QR Codes are unique for each tire containing a variety of information such as production date or serial numbers linking to a website. Encryption of the content is available for protection of sensible information such as production volume.

Tire manufacturers can use engraved SCANNECT
TM QR Codes on the one hand for internal tire logistics as well as for reducing the impact of tire recalls. On the other hand, individual QR Codes on tires are a powerful marketing instrument. Tire manufacturers can address their end customers with specific marketing campaigns such as warranty extensions, winter tire promotions or social media campaigns. Offering additional benefit or interesting content that is accessible via the SCANNECTTM QR Code, the tire manufacturer can get to know the tire user and may collect tire usage data. A direct communication with the private customer to build up a lasting relationship and improve customer retention is facilitated.
SCANNECTTM QR Code marking can serve as distinct security feature protecting the tire manufacturer from product piracy. Besides the technical hurdle of the laser marking, SCANNECTTM QR Codes can embody a digital identity certificate that proofs tire authenticity. Finally the visible copy protection feature will promote the intrinsic value of the tire brand.

For commercial tires, a SCANNECT
TM QR Code offers the unique possibility to trace a tire throughout its whole life cycle. This opens up the option to sell tires not as a product but as a service. Fleet managers can buy kilometers while tires are being serviced by the tire manufacturer. This calls for long lasting relationships between the fleet companies and tire manufacturers and offers the unique possibility to obtain tire usage data to continuously improve tire performance.

In short, tire manufacturers can benefit from the following advantages when using SCANNECT
- Direct communication with the private customer -> Marketing, Promotion, Social Media
- Build up long lasting relationships with end-customer in passenger and commercial tire business
- Collect tire usage data
- Traceability of a tire throughout its lifetime
- Protection from product piracy

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