Tire Wheel Assembly
During the Tire-Wheel Assembly, tires and rims are matched. SCANNECTTM QR Codes, which contain a serial number, facilitate to match the individual tire with its rim and then generate one single number for both parts. Following this logic, the wheel may be traced during its lifetime and quality standards can be assured.

Reading the SCANNECT
TM QR Code before and after matching the tire with the rim is possible in an industrial environment either with handheld ID Readers or with stationary reading bars, which read the tire inline. Together with Cognex, 4JET has developed the SCANNECTTM Reading Bar for highest process reliability reading black-on-black SCANNECTTM QR Codes. Using special lightning, even small QR Codes (< 15 x 15 mm) can be read at a conveying speed of up to 1.2 m/s.

Additional information can be provided for the car OEM with the tire, such as quality information, e.g. rim matching data.

In short, SCANNECT
TM offers the following advantages to the Tire-Wheel-Assembly:
- Automatic matching of tires and rims
- Tracing of tires and rims through unique ID
- Permanent marking enables traceability of wheels after assembly

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